Hello, my name is Rudy Champa and I am Managing Director of Strategy Partners International.  My job is to personally facilitate this strategic development process tool with our clients.

What our clients will tell you is that this methodology is straight forward and quite productive in quickly and easily focusing your management team.  It is a kind of "do-it-yourself" kit for strategic development.

Our book explains the concepts we use in this process.  We title our "Brainware for the Strategist... A Guide to Strategic Thinking in the Boardroom".  We have just published the 2nd edition of this book which includes new material on "Barriers to entry", "Barriers to Exit" and "Barriers to Success" as well as a renewed focus on linking the strategy of the business to implementation.  Both me and my co-Author, Roger Handley, Managing Director of Strategy Workshop Facilitators Ltd in the UK feel you will find this book of immediate use.

Strategy Partners International is an independent US based organization headquartered in California with International affiliates in ten other countries all dedicated to assisting our clients achieve their strategic objectives without "telling them what to do". We have a philosophical bias against that kind of management consulting when it comes to business strategy with the CEO and Senior Management teams. What we focus on is in utilizing our considerable experience with this process by facilitating strategic thinking work sessions with top management teams that seek our process skills.

Defining strategy is one of those few tasks where an outside facilitator can add real value to the meetings. This is because strategy will cut across all functions in the organization and any one person from inside the business who stands up to facilitate these meetings will be seen by others to be biased or partisan, whether this is true or not! This is particularly the case when the CEO/ President / MD orchestrates the meetings.

We do not seek to teach strategy to management but this process has much educational value to any individual that has not been expected to participate in defining strategy in the past.  Our direct experience in working with over 150 organizations, in over a dozen industries and in all geographical locations in which we operate, is that organizations tend to promote the people that have excelled in their operational function.  We then expect them to excel strategically from that point forward and we have found that often, these folks appreciate a little help without "telling them what to do".

If you are considering setting some strategic thinking time aside in the near future, please take a few minutes to call me for an exploratory chat about this process and how it will help you.  My direct line is 949 582 8351 or email direct at rudy@spi-us.com..

Regards, Rudy Champa      

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