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We work with our clients to help them profitably grow their business by "Charting the future direction of their organizations... with confidence".  We do not "tell" them what they are doing wrong and what they "should" do to fix it.  We don't believe outside consultants have any right telling you what you should be doing unless they have a stake in your business.  Most don't.  Our 25 years experience has taught us that this kind of management consulting rarely works, if ever.  This idea has recently gained further credibility through the research of the Gallup organization.  Their work over the past decade led them to the conclusion that the difference between the "winners" and "losers" over the next decade and beyond will be in the ability of an organization manage their human capital.  According to Gallup, the winners will be those companies that can create and harness the "passion" of their human capital.  At Strategy Partners International, all of our work is aimed at creating this "passion".  We've been doing this long before Gallup "discovered" this idea.

We help top management teams through a professionally facilitated, proven, and "unique" process of Strategic Thinking.  As a result, they quickly define and implement customer focused strategies that will succeed.  Our experience has repeatedly shown that the solutions to the future success of your business are stored in the heads of your management team.  Clients use our structured thinking processes as the key to unlock them.

Then, we also facilitate other processes to systematically develop new product innovations; processes that create new market initiatives and target specific customer and market segments; and processes that support strategy implementation such as how to make day-to-day decisions that consistently support the company's strategic direction.  Along the way, a company gains a bonus... the development of "common language".  As any good student of history will tell you, one of the common traits of failed civilizations and social structures has been the lack of a common language.   According to a recent study by Ernst & Young (2002), three out of four business strategies fail.  We believe that the lack of strategic thinking and use of common language is at the heart of this dismal statistic.


You will find that using our Strategic Thinking Process is the quickest and most cost effective way for you and your top management team to successfully execute your strategic plans and initiatives.  Understanding, buy-in, and consensus is assured... and that brings passion, which we believe is the "key" to success.


We don't "tell" you what to do.  We don't take up a lot of valuable time in "planning" sessions.  Most importantly, we help you to focus on what to do, and more importantly on what NOT to do.  That means:

     * Which opportunities to seek and which to avoid

     * Where to focus time and resources and where to NOT spend them.

Our process is the most efficient way to develop distinctive strategies.  The amount of face-to-face time is reduced to a minimum.  We have interventions that last anywhere from 1/2 day to 6 days of face time and the amount of time required to develop a distinctive strategy is often less than two and a half days of face-to-face time.

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